Allergy Eye Drops


Allergy eye drops are used by people experiencing discomfort in their eyes brought about by certain types of allergies.  These eye allergies can come in the form of burning sensation in and around the eyes, redness, itchiness, eyelid swelling, uncontrollable tears, and other similar forms of discomfort to the eyes.  The proper use of medicated eye drops relieves the patient of all these discomfort and other symptoms that affect the eyes.

Why Eye allergies Occur

There are many reasons why an eye allergy would occur and the symptoms will vary from person to person.  It could be because of wearing contact lenses, dust, pollen, allergic reaction to animal fur like cats, dogs, and the like.  There are also types of allergies that are seasonal in nature and can therefore be avoided with proper care.

Treating Ocular Allergies

There are ways to treat eye allergies especially if it is still in the initial stage.  It could be treated by simply washing the eyes with clean warm running water, hot or cold compress and ample rest.  But once the allergens have already affected the eyes and produced continuing discomfort, the use of eye drops become necessary to relieve the discomfort being felt.

Use of Allergy Eye Drops

Eye drops for allergies are liquid medicine applied on the eyes.  Depending on the type of allergy, it is applied by administering a few drops as indicated on its directions label and used for so many times a day as recommended.  When used according to prescription, it is expected to relieve the eyes from allergies in just a few days and the patient can get back to normal day to day activities.

The frequency of administration as well as the number of days the eye drops should be applied is normally indicated.  This is to make sure that no overdose is committed.  Like all medicines, they are safe to use as long as the directions for its use are followed.  There is always an indication that comes with every bottle of this medicine and the instruction state that if symptoms persist, a doctor must be consulted.

Eye drops for allergies are available in most pharmacies whether online or offline.  Most of them can be bought on an over the counter basis and without needing prescription from a doctor.  There are also those that are available only when a prescription coming from a health professional is presented but they are used for other more difficult medical symptoms and must be used only upon being directed.

How To Apply Eye Drops

To apply, the head must be tilted backwards.  The eye must be wide open while the dropper is pointed above the eye.  Squeeze the plastic bottle and let the medicine drop on the eye a few times as indicated in the instructions.  Repeat the same procedure on the other eye.  Avoid touching the tip of the dropper to make sure that it remains clear of possible bacteria that might be transmitted by the hand.  Replace cap and keep the medicine in room temperature and away from the reach of children.